Tip of the Day: What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor Christmas Light Sets?

Christmas Tree with feathers, animal print, and giraffe ornament

When I am walking around the warehouse, customers will ask me questions. I am always surprised at how I cannot answer even some of the most simple questions. I was recently asked, “What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor Christmas light sets?”

To get the best answer, I searched online for a bit. I opened five different posts and saw five different answers. So, I decided to call our main source for Christmas lights and see what they had to say. I was told that there is not a difference. UL does not have a different quality standard to call a Christmas light set indoor versus outdoor. They label the sets based on what they think customers primary use is. The only time an indoor/outdoor rating really differentiates a product is when there is a battery attached or a control box. The wiring in the battery case and the control box will be insulated differently based on an indoor or outdoor usage. For those of you unfamiliar with Christmas light control boxes, they are used when a light set can do multiple functions such as twinkle, dim, flash, and stay steady. Usually there is a control box with a button that allows you to control these functions.

Keep in mind we are only discussing a standard Christmas set of lights. This tip does not apply to the other bulb sizes or types like LED.

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Hope this helps!

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