Tip of the Day: How much ribbon does it take to make a bow?

#40 Perfect Bow x50 White

“How many yards of ribbon do I need to purchase to make 10 bows?”

That is a question I have heard a multitude of times in the warehouse. There really is not a good objective answer for it since it will involve the number of bow loops involved, the length you will make each loop, the number of tails you will be running off the bow, and the length of those tails. I can give you a general guideline with a bow built with our description.

Ribbon Size 1 1/2″ wide 2 1/2″ wide
Yardage 6 yards 6 yards
Diameter of Bow 12″ with 8 loops 12″ with 14 loops
Extra Set of Tails 2 yards for every set 2 yards for every set

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Hope this helps!

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  1. Phyllis LaPorte says:

    Thank you, James!

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